Ever wonder why we decided to set up shop on Oak St? Why aren’t we Breads on Magazine? Or Breads on Tchoupitoulas? Or Breads on Elysian Fields? What makes Oak street so special?

Location, Location, Location!

Take the historic green St. Charles Streetcar line Uptown past Audubon Park until St. Charles turns into Carrollton Avenue at the Riverbend and stops right at Oak Street's front door. Get ready for a saunter down a vibrant, unique New Orleans shopping, dining and entertainment district all in eight blocks.

Image taken from gonola.com

Oak Street is nestled in a quaint little corner of New Orleans and is sandwiched between the mighty Mississippi River and the St. Charles streetcar line. Although we’re far from the bustle of downtown and the French Quarter, Oak St still attracts tourists and visitors from all over the world.

We’re also only a stone’s throw away from the campuses of Tulane and Loyola, so students flock to Oak St to take a break from studying to unwind.

But what makes this neighborhood really special is the community of people it hosts. The Oak St neighborhood is home to some of the most friendly and unique people in New Orleans and we appreciate everyday that we get to share this neighborhood with them.

Our Neighbors!

Oak Street is home to many other lively businesses that we’re proud to share a street with. There’s plenty of unique shops and boutiques that line Oak St. There’s a place for everything you could need on Oak St whether it be a new bike, an antique lamp, comic books, fresh kicks, maki rolls or pizza!

Oak Street's charm is in its historic commercial architecture and Main Street vibes. This block features Ale (and its sister business just left of the frame, Oak Wine Bar) -- both Ale and Oak are open in the evening. We're focusing on daytime experiences, but nighttime is a great time to experience Oak Street's dining, drinking and entertainment. Oak Wine Bar regularly has live music to entertain patrons while sipping on wine and tasting all the small plates.

Just another gorgeous day on laid-back Oak Street. There's so much to explore!

Images taken from gonola.com

The Culture

Image taken from New Orleans Official Tourism Website

No matter where you are in New Orleans, there is always something going on, and Oak St is no exception. Oak St hosts its own unique set of parties, festivals and celebrations like Mid-summer Mardi Gras and the annual Po-boy Festival. The Po-Boy Festival (which we participate in) happens every November and honors the New Orleans classic French bread sandwich.


This year Po-boy fest falls on November 3rd and will be from 10am to 6pm. We’ll have some special sandwiches to showcase, but they’re a surprise you’ll have to come to Po-Boy Fest to find out about

Learn more about Po-Boy Fest at: https://www.poboyfest.com/