Folks who have made the switch to vegan eating have found massive amounts of personal success. Some lost weight, others noticed younger-looking or clearer skin, and all were gratified by knowing that they’re helping to save animals and the planet

According to Forbes, out of 22 restaurants surveyed that made the switch to 100 percent vegan menus, the 17 that responded reported increased sales—and some saw sales surge by as much as 1,000 percent. The eateries also reported an increase in social media followings—some as much as 15,000 percent. Many also saw a decrease in food costs. Click here to learn more about these now-vegan restaurants, and read on to discover a few of our favorite success stories:

Breads On Oak

If you find yourself in New Orleans, be sure to stop by the newly vegan Breads On Oak—one of the city’s top bakeries. After flirting with a mostly plant-based menu for some time, the popular eatery took to Instagram to announce, “Out with the Moo and in with the New! We are now completely #vegan,” much to customers’ delight.

Breads On Oak owners Sean and Chamain O’Mahony recently explained their decision in a statement, saying, “Going totally plant-based has always been our vision. … Our goal is to provide healthy food choices that show respect for our planet, and for the animals [who] inhabit it, therefore we use all organic, local sustainable plant-based products.”

The eatery is a great brunch spot—think pumpkin cheddar biscuits, yummy quiches, and sandwiches like the Happy Hen, which contains homemade garbanzo bean eggless salad, avocado, and Dijon mustard and is served on house-made artisan bread. Or if you’re short on time, pick up some of its delicious pastries, like Cinnamon Maple Walnut Rolls, Stuffed Brioche, or Irish Tea Biscuits.