Organic King Cakes

All traditional and filled king cakes are vegan.

We make traditional cinnamon king cakes as well as cream cheese, apple streussel and almond cream filled, and our adult double filled like bourbon tiramisu and champagne orange almond. We make every king cake from scratch–never a mix–and use only the best organic flours, fillings, sugars, natural colors and other non-GMO, non-dairy ingredients. That means no bright artificial colors! Even the oranges are from the owners’ organic orchard. Each king cake is baked fresh, ensuring it will be moist and delicious. All traditional and filled king cakes are vegan.


You can stop by the bakery for one of our delicious organic, vegan king cakes: cinnamon ($20) or filled (almond cream, cream cheese, persimmon pecan or apple streusel, $27). And now, our double stuffed adult king cakes (bourbon tiramisu, champagne orange almond cream, bourbon apple cream cheese and rum strawberry cream cheese, $30).


We ship our Traditional cinnamon and filled king cakes anywhere in the United States using UPS Next Day Air Saver Shipping (unless heading to certain areas where UPS does not offer Next Day Air Saver from New Orleans, e.g., many west coast spots. In that case, we will ship using the UPS 2nd day service, which may affect freshness). All king cakes ship on a Wednesday, with the cutoff on the prior Monday at midnight. So if you order on a Tuesday, your king cake will ship a week from the following Wednesday–not the next day. Ordering cutoff is midnight Monday, February 20, 2017.


In keeping with New Orleans tradition and our all-natural philosophy, inside every king cake is an almond (instead of the plastic baby used by most bakeries)..

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Traditional Cinnamon (organic & vegan):

$66 (includes overnight shipping)

Filled King Cakes (organic & vegan): Cream Cheese, Almond Cream or Apple-Streusel

$73 (includes overnight shipping)

Each King Cake feeds 18-20 with approx. 1″ slices

King Cakes will be available at the bakery through Sunday, February 26. We ship every Wednesday using UPS next day air saver. Order cutoff for shipping for the 2017 Mardi Gras Season is midnight Monday, February 20, 2017. for shipping Wednesday February 22.