July 7, 2017

Imagine if all bakeries, restaurants, individuals–well, everybody–stopped wasting food. It’s possible and it’s never been easier. Breads On Oak has been a zero-food-waste bakery & cafe since we opened five years ago, and living proof that it can been done. Places like Second Harvest and Food Share New Orleans–Food redistribution Hub are awesome resources. Even if one less person goes hungry each day, that’s a step forward.

Nothing goes to waste. Rain water is captured in our rain barrel, which waters the herbs and other plants–available for passing pets too! The sun is captured using our solar panels and helps power the ovens to bake the bread or charge your electric car for free! Any food scraps are composted in our on-site bins and paper/plastic is recycled or composted.

We definitely encourage you to get your neighbors and other food establishments to get on-board with this. Call or stop by and will help you get started!