BY VegNews Magazine| October, 2017

Between life-changing chocolate-peanut butter concoctions, devilishly delicious doughnuts, and milkshakes so good they make your mind melt, there is officially no shortage of unbelievable plant-based treats to be devoured. But which are a notch above the rest? VegNews’ editors are proud to present the 50 BEST VEGAN DESSERTSS IN AMERICA

“VegNews is undoubtedly my favorite magazine! This is our third time we’ve had the honor to be included in VegNews, but our first two features were in the online versions (for our pumpkin cheddar biscuit sandwich and then with our stuffed king cakes). This is our first experience actually in the printed magazine. Here’s what they had to say, “The impossibly soft and fluffy Boston Cream Stuffed Brioche from BREADS On OAK is filled with vanilla pastry cream, dipped in dark chocolate ganache, and finished with cacao nibs. NEW ORLEANS”