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October 2019

Why Oak St?


Ever wonder why we decided to set up shop on Oak St? Why aren’t we Breads on Magazine? Or Breads on Tchoupitoulas? Or Breads on Elysian Fields? What makes Oak street so special? Location, Location, Location! Image taken from Oak Street is nestled in a [...]

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September 2019

Our Chocolate Unwrapped


Part of our mission here at Breads on Oak is to provide sustainable and cruelty-free food to the people in our community. While no animals are harmed in the production of our food, it is equally important that no human beings are harmed either. That’s why we try our hardest to only use [...]

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July 2019

Breads on Oak STINKS


Sustainability is one of our core values here at Breads on Oak. What’s the point of being a vegan bakery if you don’t give a hoot about the environment? One way that this value manifests itself in day to day operations is our waste management procedures. We try our best to limit the amount [...]

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February 2019

Breads On Oak Wins Best In Show for its Tiramisu King Cake


The Ogden Museum of Southern Art opened the 2019 carnival season with the O’s annual King Cake Walk. The Christian Winther Quartet played soulful jazz while visitors tasted and judged local King Cakes from New Orleans bakeries. Breads On Oak was the proud winner of the contest's Best in Show, as [...]

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January 2019

Vegan Tour from JaneUnChained Live from New Orleans


View Video #JaneUnChained #LIVE from New Orleans, where veganism is exploding! JNN contributor Lindsey Baker is taking a vegan tour of the Crescent city with Jehan Strouse of Tree Spirit Wellness and Consulting. This is a terrific video which touches on the vegan food and king cakes of Breads On Oak, [...]

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Creating Vegan King Cakes on Fox8Live


View Video  Sean O'Mahony on Vegan King Cakes on Fox8LiveOwner, Sean O'Mahony, is on Fox8Live showing you how we create our king cakes that are both vegan and organic, and talks about the benefits of a vegan life-style. During this episode, he's demonstrating the almond cream filled king cake with plant-based Mardi [...]

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